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Don't Send Plastic to Landfill

Don't Send Plastic to Landfill

ISO-accredited CJM Recycling helps manufacturers improve their environmental credentials by finding a new homes for waste plastic including purge & offcuts.

Explore Plastic Landfill Diversion with a Site Waste Audit:

Introducing CJM Recycling

An award-winning reliable North East based company operating nationally, CJM Recycling is a plastic recycling specialist. We help manufacturers recycle the following plastic waste:

Polyethylene Terephthalate Recycling

PET Recycling

Bottles, Lump, Reels, Fines, Flake

High-density Polyethylene Recycling

HDPE Recycling

Bottles, Pipe, Flake, Pellet, Regrind, Bins, Film

Polyvinyl Chloride Recycling

PVC Recycling

Skins, Lump, Film, Pipe, Reels

PE-LD Recycling Low-density Polyethylene Recycling

LDPE Recycling

Film (Construction to 99:1), Lump

Polypropylene Recycling

PP Recycling

Bulk Bags / Sacks, Lump, Rigids, Flake, Strapping

Expanded Polystyrene Recycling

PS Recycling

Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene

Additionally: CJM is adept at finding solutions for less common plastics such as ABS, HIPS, Acrylic, Poly Carbonate, Nylon, Laminated Reels and correx.  We can also often find outlets for products featuring more than one plastic stream.

In short, we can help with the awkward stuff.

Turning Waste into Value

Like all businesses, manufacturers face financial pressure to boost returns.  CJM offers highly competitive rebates, leveraging a global network of reliable outlets.  Collaborating with prominent recyclers and reprocessors worldwide, we actively source various plastic types, continually seeking new feedstock from manufacturing companies.  You may have materials we are looking for!

Plastic Rebates
Why CJM?
Family run company

An Ethical Recycling Business

Headquartered in the North East and operating nationally, we are a family-run business where values and culture are shaped by family principles.  Trusted by manufacturers nationwide, we are dedicated to building enduring partnerships and assisting businesses in achieving their zero waste and carbon emission reduction objectives.

Deep Industry Experience

Every CJM client has a dedicated account manager, each possessing extensive experience in waste recycling.  Our agility, responsiveness, and customer-focused approach set us apart from larger organizations in the waste recycling sector, ensuring a higher level of service overall.

Recycling expertise
Recycling in safe hands

Environmentally Conscious

Businesses face growing pressure to ensure environmentally-friendly solutions throughout their supply chain.  CJM guarantees the recycling of all applicable waste materials generated by our clients.  We offer a comprehensive audit trail for all waste streams, facilitating increased recycling rates and a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

ISO Accredited:
ISO9001 logo recycling
ISO14001 logo recycling
ISO45001 logo recycling
Total Waste Management Solutions

In addition to being one of the leading plastic recyclers in the UK, CJM extends expertise with Total Waste Management.  In an era of increasing regulations, our deep industry experience positions us as a partner of choice to keep you compliant, manage subcontractors and tailor solutions to your needs.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Construction & Demolition Waste
Construction & Demolition Waste
WEEE Waste
WEEE Waste Disposal
Food Waste
Food Waste Disposal
Confidential Waste
Confidential Waste Disposal
Compactors & Balers
Compactors & Balers
Office Waste
Office Waste Disposal
General Waste
General Waste Disposal
Glass Waste
Glass Waste Disposal
Wood Waste
Wood Waste Disposal
Offensive Waste
Offensive Waste Disposal
Clinical Waste
Clinical Waste Disposal

What our clients say:

"Beyond PET lump, backflush and purge, CJM were able to identify a waste stream that we were not aware was recyclable. They were able to take it off our hands thereby upping our recycling rates."

 Adam Spiers Adam SpiersSite Manager

"CJM Recycling offers consultancy on the best and most cost-effective solutions across all the waste we produce. As a result, we highly recommend their professional services for all waste needs."

 Chris Bowles Chris BowlesPurchasing, Barrier Group

"Since working with CJM Recycling we have found they have provided a professional and reliable service for all commodities and developed a strong partnership between both companies."

Shaun McPartlinShaun McPartlinRecycling Manager
CJM Recycling

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