PVC Recycling

Polyvinyl Chloride Recycling

PVC is a universal polymer which can be processed into a wide variety of short-life or long-life products.

CJM can offer recycling and industry leading rebates on:

PVC Skins
PVC Skins
PVC Lump
PVC Lump
PVC Pipe
PVC Pipe
Plastic PVC Reel Recycling
PVC Reels
PVC Film
PVC Film

The PVC recycling process

During the recycling process, PVC is separated from other waste streams.  It then goes through a variety of washing stages before being granulated and then extruded into PVC pellets.  These PVC pellets are then melted down and formed into new products.

PVC can be both rigid and flexible, depending upon the type and application. uPVC is the rigid form and is typically used for window frames and piping.  Flexible PVCu is typically used for sheet materials, packaging and medical devices.

PVC Recycling
PVC Recycling
Typical Uses & Next Life:
  • Window frames
  • Drainage pipe
  • Cable & wire insulation
  • Roadside gutters
  • Traffic cones
  • Credit cards

uPVC & PVCu Recycling

PVC is 100% recyclable so material can be used over and over again.  PVC can be recovered and recycled into a reusable material, mainly in the form of PVC regrind or PVC rechip, PVC Resin and PVC Powders. Recycling and other recovery processing routes help reduce environmental impacts, as well as save costs across the construction, manufacturing and retail sectors.

CJM can ensure your PVC waste is recycled.  We buy PVC lump & PVC purge from engineering and manufacturing businesses from across the UK.  We also offer highly competitive rebates on PVC. Contact us to learn more.

PVC Recycling

"We have used CJM Recycling now for 3 months and we are really happy with their service. They deliver a very swift, reliable waste recycling service. Communication is great, from ordering, right through to the disposal tickets being sent. I honestly cannot pick a fault."

Steven Taylor, Axil Integrated Services

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As businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprint, CJM can assist by offering clear pathways to recycling your waste. 

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